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Research: American Frontier

  • Klein, Kerwin Lee, "Reclaiming the 'F' Word, Or Being and Becoming Post western"
  • Aron, Stephen, "The Meetings of Peoples and Empires at the Confluence of the Missouri, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers"
  • Larsen, Lawrence, "The Urban West"
  • Steiner, Michael C., "The Significance of Turners Section Thesis"
  • Steiner, Michael C., "From Frontier to Region: Frederick Jackson Turner and the New Western History"
  • Steiner, Michael C., "Frederick Jackson Turner and Western Regionalism"
  • Steiner, Michael C. and David M. Wrobel, "Many Wests: Discovering a Dynamic Western Regionalism"
  • Odum, Howard W. and Harm Estill Moore, "American Regionalism: A Cultural-Historical Approach to National Integration"
  • Hesseltine, William B., "Pioneer's Mission: The Story of Lyman Copeland Draper"

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