American Civil War (United States : 1861-1865)




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American Civil War (United States : 1861-1865)

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American Civil War (United States : 1861-1865)

  • UF American Civil War (186-1865)
  • UF Civil War (U.S. : 1861-1865)
  • UF War between the States (1861-1865)
  • UF War of Secession (U.S. : 1861-1865)
  • UF War of the Rebellion (1861-1865)

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American Civil War (United States : 1861-1865)

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Susan A. Jones Diary Transcription

  • MA 044
  • Papers
  • 1863-1870, 2006

Transcription of the Susan A. Jones diaries was performed by Virginia Vander Wal, great-granddaughter of Susan, in March 2006. The diaries appear to have been written while Susan resided in Massachusetts and Wisconsin. The entries provide insight into her daily activities from 1863-1870. Topics include various social activities, mention of the weather, work activities, and important events, such as funerals, first communion, engagement to be married, etc.

The 1863 transcription was from a very small diary that was written before Susan married Henry. There are several entries concerning the Civil War in this diary.

Some of the original diaries were written on loose pages and were very old and fragile. Others were written in 3 x 4 inch diary books with three days to one side of each page. The writing on these pages was very small and faded, especially those entries written in pencil, making is difficult to read.

Blanks in the text indicate words that could not be read due to illegible handwriting or damaged areas on the paper. Words typed in brackets, { }, are words which a guess was made at some of the letters. The spelling of words in the original diary was maintained.
Virginia Vander Wal includes an account of the transcribing of the diaries as well as some genealogical background of Susan A. Jones. Virginia's personal notations are indicated in bold-faced font in the transcription. Also included is a photocopied photograph of Susan A. Jones and discharge papers for Henry R. Jones.

The diaries are not complete in that some years may not have entries for each day or month.

Jones, Susan A. 1844-1925