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Agriculture -- Societies, etc.

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Farmers Union Junior Camps

The film was created to promote the youth education program of the Farmers Union of North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. It consists of footage from camps at each states' Farmers Union Junior Camps where children age 6-21 learn more about the Farmers Union and have fun. Activities depicted in the film include boating, swimming, games, crafts, manual labor, creating a camp newsletter, and listening to lectures about farming and the Farmers Union. South Dakota campers stay in the Black Hills and visit Mt. Rushmore. The film is narrated by Fred Simonton, director of television for North Dakota Farmers Union. Color film. Sound.

National Farmers Union 1967 Convention, Part 1

Dr. Barry Commoner speaking at the National Farmers Union convention about the issues surrounding the industries of energy and transportation, specifically railroads, and companies that produce the petrol chemical industry and how it affects farmers through its use in fertilizer. Recording continued on National Farmers Union 1967 Convention Part 2 (MA012-AV-0010_02).

National Farmers Union 1967 Convention, Part 2

Continuation of National Farmers Union 1967 Convention, Part 1 (MA012-AV-0010_01). National Farmers Union president Tony Dechant at the National Farm Press Conference in Washington, D.C. He discusses the crisis in agriculture, the Agricultural Adjustment Act in regards to dairy imports, direct payments to farmers, and production control. He also give his support to the Fair Farm Budget Act which introduces to Congress by Senator Mondale of Minnesota.

National Farmers Union 1970 Convention Report

Radio report on National Farmers Union President, Tony Dechant, keynote address at the 1970 convention. Dechant talks about the need for a farm program that provides for supply management of basic commodities, price protections, adequate credit, and general fairness for farmers in the market place.

National Farmers Union All States Camp Broadcast

Broadcast from the National Farmers Union All States Camp in Red Rock, Colorado. Young people who attended the camp are interviewed about what they learned and activities they participated in. Interviews with Daryl Ray Christian, Arlene Schley, South Dakota Farmers Union Director of Education, Arlene Schley. A man lectures on the First Amendment and it's relationship to the Communist conspiracy.

National Farmers Union All States Camp Speaker

Speaker at the National Farmers Union All States Camp in Red Rock, Colorado. A man speaks about communism, the United Nations, atomic weapons, and the formation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organization (UNESCO) in which South Dakota Senator Karl E. Mundt played a role.

South Dakota Farmers Union Ladies Fly-in Interviews

National Farmers Union Weekly Radio program reports on the South Dakota Farmers Union report on Ladies Fly-In to Washington, D.C. Joe O'Neill interviews Maxine Peterson and Mrs. Earl Larson, about the coalition farm bill, erosion, the school lunch milk program, interest rates, and Medicare Part B.

Twenty-one Days in Europe

Thirty-eight National Farmers Union members representing seven states paid their own way to participate in a tour of Europe in October 1955. They visited farms, dairy's, cooperatives, cheese and sugar factories, and grain elevators. Locations visited were the Azores, Italy, Switzerland, France, and England. Narrated by John Eklund. Color film. Sound.