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  • UF Bolshevism
  • UF Communist movements
  • UF Leninism
  • UF Maoism
  • UF Marxism
  • UF Troskyism

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Glenn Martz Radio Interview

Glenn Martz from Washington, D.C., publisher of 'The Lowdown on Farm Affairs' interview at KOTA radio station in Rapid City, South Dakota. Martz revisits a speech he gave in Rapid City, South Dakota about socialism and communism in the United States. Martz discusses the Farmers Union and cooperatives connections to communism. He claims the Farmers Union has been infiltrated by communists.

National Farmers Union All States Camp Broadcast

Broadcast from the National Farmers Union All States Camp in Red Rock, Colorado. Young people who attended the camp are interviewed about what they learned and activities they participated in. Interviews with Daryl Ray Christian, Arlene Schley, South Dakota Farmers Union Director of Education, Arlene Schley. A man lectures on the First Amendment and it's relationship to the Communist conspiracy.

National Farmers Union All States Camp Speaker

Speaker at the National Farmers Union All States Camp in Red Rock, Colorado. A man speaks about communism, the United Nations, atomic weapons, and the formation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural organization (UNESCO) in which South Dakota Senator Karl E. Mundt played a role.