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Ben Reifel and his Family in Campaign Spot

Ben Reifel introduces his family and talks about his reasons for running for Congress in the First District of South Dakota. He also thanks his supporters and other candidates and asks constituents for their votes. Ben Reifel intorduces his grandaughters, Lisa and Laura Anderson, his daughter Loyce, his neice, Monica Johnson, and his wife Alice Reifel.

Ben Reifel Campaign Spot

Ben Reifel talk of his background of growing up on a small farm on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, his education at South Dakota State College and Harvard University, his time in the military, and his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He also speaks of his decision to run for Congress. His wife, Alice, appears near the end to stand by her husband in a show of support. He ends by asking listeners for their vote in the primary election in 1960.

Congressman Ben Reifel Memorial Day Remarks

Congressman Ben Reifel makes remarks on Memorial Day of the price of liberty and recites the poem 'The Golden Key' by Carrie Jacobs Bond. He ends asking for listeners support in the upcoming election. There is a sign on the desk Reifel is seated at that reads ' Ben Reifel for Congress'.

KELOLAND-TV Introduction to Documentary 'The Campaigners'

KELOLAND-TV achor introduction to documentary 'The Campaigners' that was filmed in South Dakota and featured Congressman Ben Reifel from South Dakota and Sir Harry Legge-Bourke, Member of Parliament from the Isle of Ely. The documentary showed the different techniques between elections in the United States and elections in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Republican Campaign Advertisements for Bill Avery and Fred A. Obley

Campaign advertisements for Bill Avery, Kansas Republican candidate in 1954; and Fred A. Obley, Pennsylvania Republican candidate for Congress in 1955. The recording consists of film clip of old time movies, such as Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton, and photographs of various babies. The clips are followed by a sign that reads 'Vote Bill Avery Experience Counts!' or 'Fred Obley for Congress Nov. 8th'. One of the ads has an image of Richard Nixon and another of President Eisenhower speaking. There are 28 ads in total: 21 for Bill Avery and 7 for Fred Obley. This does not have sound.

Sugar Beet Field

Footage shows a sugar beet field with close-ups of sugar beets. An irrigation system is visible in the field. There is no sound.

Target shooting

Footage shows a man shooting at a target with a rifle. Also included is footable of a young boy. There is no sound.