Sherwood O. Berg Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01-F01 NACFF Collected Material: Address by Secretary of Ag. at Federal Land Bank anniversary dinner Folder 1967
B01-F02 NACFF Collected Material: Agricultural Policy Review Folder 1968
B01-F19 NACFF Collected Material: Food from farmers to consumer Folder 1966
B01-F20 NACFF Collected Material: Food Industry newsletter Folder 1966
B01-F27 NACFF Collected Material: Kiplinger newsletters Folder 1965-1967
B01-F34 NACFF Collected Material: Organization and structure of producer units of farm products Folder undated
B01-F35 NACFF Collected Material: Population control Folder 1966
B01-F36 NACFF Collected Material: President's Science Advisory Committee [PSAC] Folder 1966-1967
B02 Sherwood Berg Papers - Box 2 Box
B02-F02 NACFF Collected material: World food crisis Folder 1965-1966
B02-F04 NACFF Collected material: World Food Study and Coordination Commission Folder 1967
B02-F07 NACFF correspondence: Comments given on draft of report Folder 1967
B02-F10 NACFF correspondence: Commission members H-L Folder 1965-1969
B02-F16 NACFF correspondence: Hillman memorandums Folder 1966-1968
B03 Sherwood Berg Papers - Box 3 Box
B03-F10 NACFF general commission records: Clippings : miscellaneous Folder 1965-1967
B03-F14 NACFF general commission records: Consultants Folder 1965
B03-F15 NACFF general commission records: Daily activities report Folder 1965-1966
B03-F17 NACFF general commission records: Engagements and discussions on report Folder 1967-1968
B03-F18 NACFF general commission records: Executive order Folder 1965-1966
B03-F23 NACFF general commission records: List of statements submitted Folder 1966
B03-F24 NACFF general commission records: Plan of action Folder 1965-1966
B03-F27 NACFF general commission records: Press releases : miscellaneous Folder 1965-1967
B04-F02 NACFF general commission records: Study Group I Folder 1966
B04-F03 NACFF general commission records: Study Group II Folder 1966
B04-F06 NACFF general commission records: Study Group V Folder 1966
B04-F08 NACFF general commission records: Television series Folder 1967-1968
B04-F17 NACFF hearing records: Minneapolis : correspondence Folder 1966
B05-F07 NACFF hearing records: San Francisco : transcript Folder 1967
B05-F08 NACFF hearing records: St. Louis : correspondence Folder 1966
B05-F14 NACFF meeting records: Atlanta : November 9-10, 1966 Folder 1966-1967
B06 Sherwood Berg Papers - Box 6 Box
B06-F04 NACFF meeting records: St, Louis : October 11, 1966 Folder 1966
B06-F06 NACFF meeting records: Washington, D.C. : January 11-13, 1966 Folder 1966
B06-F07 NACFF meeting records: Washington, D.C. : March 24-25, 1966 Folder 1966
B06-F08 NACFF meeting records: Washington, D.C. : June 22-23, 1966 Folder 1966
B06-F13 NACFF meeting records: Washington, D.C. : March 2-3, 1967 Folder 1967
B06-F17 NACFF meeting records: Unknown location Folder undated
B07 Sherwood Berg Papers - Box 7 Box
B07-F11 NACFF publications: Report : draft - Chapter 4 Folder 1967
B07-F25 NACFF publications: Report : draft - Chapter 18 Folder 1967
B07-F27 NACFF publications: Report : draft - Part "A" Folder 1967
B07-F28 NACFF publications: Report : draft - Part "B" Folder 1967
B07-F29 NACFF publications: Report : draft - Part "C" Folder 1967
B08-F03 NACFF publications: Report : footnotes Folder 1967
B08-F07 NACFF publications: Report : outline Folder 1966
B08-F12 NACFF Collected material: Congressman Curtis report on US cotton textile trade policy Folder 1966
B09-F02 USAID - Indonesia: Teamplanning Folder 1987-1989
B09-F11 USAID - Morocco: Institute Program strategies and notes Folder 1986-1988
B09-F17 USAID - Phillippines: Philippines & Indonesia-Report study of selected phases of title XII implementation Folder 1978
B010-F04 USAID - Cameroon: Agricultural Education Folder 1988-1990
B010-F06 USAID: Consulting Folder 1988-1992
B010-F09 USAID: Indonesia Folder 1983-1987
B010-F10 USAID: Indonesia Folder 1984-1987
B010-F14 USAID - Indonesia: Budget Folder 1989
B010-F22 USAID - Indonesia: Final Report Volume 2 Folder 1989
B011-F04 Reserve Officers Association Folder 1979-1984
B011-F07 Rotary: International Rotarian visitors Folder 1990-1991
B011-F09 SDSU Foundation Folder 1984-1989
B011-F10 Performing Arts Center Committee Folder 1997-2001
B011-F21 Organizations: Visions for Change Readings Folder 1995-1997
B011-F24 Organizations: Visions for Change Folder 1995-1996
B011-F25 Organizations: Visions for Change: Steering Committee Folder 1994-1997
B011-F28 Wildlife Newspaper Clippings Folder 1981
B011-F30 Subject files: Anson Yeager Newspaper Clippings Folder 1983-1984
B012-F06 MUCIA: General Participant Training Project-Report Draft Folder 1987
B012-F08 MUCIA: General Participant Training Folder 1984-1985
B012-F23 Correspondence Folder 1975-1983
B012-F28 U of MN Speeches Folder 1952-1996
B012-F30 Agricultural Polity Institute Papers: Should Domestic Agricultural policy be More Market Oriented Folder 1968
B013-F01 SDSU President: Management by Objectives Seminar Folder 1976
B013-F02 SDSU President: 1976 SD Legislative Budgetary History Folder 1976
B014-F04 Biographical information: Biographical Information Folder 1981-1986
B014-F06 Biographical information: Berg CV's Folder 2/2 Folder 1947-1974
B014-F08 Biographical information: Berg CV's Folder 1988-1995
B014-F09 Biographical information: Foriegn Agricultural Sevice Retirment Folder 1957
B014-F12 Biographical information: News clippings & Biographical information Folder 1960-1984
B014-F13 Biographical information: News clippings & Correspondences Folder 1956-1999
B014-F30 Biographical information: Berg's Resignation memo from University of MN Folder 1973
B014-F33 Certification award: National WW II museum 10th Anniversary Certificate of Appreciation Folder 2010
B014-F35 Certification award: Alpha Zeta Alumni Association - Charter membership Folder 1995
B014-F37 Biographical information: 78th Infantry Division "Lightening Division" Folder 1978
B014-F38 Biographical information: 78th Division Assn. Folder 1985-1992
B014-F43 Awards and certificates: Assoc. of the United States Army Lifetime Member Certificate Folder 1990
B15 Sherwood Berg Papers - Box 15 Box
B015-F05 Subject files: Norman Borlaug University - Strategy Plan Folder 2000
B015-F09 Subject files: Education Newspaper Clippings (photocopies) Folder 1975-1976
B015-F11 Subject files: Education Newspaper Clippings (photocopies) Folder 1978-1980
B015-F13 Subject files: Farming Newspaper Clippings Folder 1978-1982
B015-F14 Subject files: Governor's Budget Newspaper Clippings Folder 1980-1981
B015-F20 Subject files: Emil Loriks Folder 1984
B015-F37 University of Minnesota: Heller, Walter Folder 1973-1982
B016-F01 Organizations: Alpha Gamma Rho Folder 1987-1991
B016-F05 Organizations: Brookings Volunteer Service Bank Folder 1992-1993
B016-F07 Organization: EPSCpR 5th Annual Conference Folder 1994
B016-F08 Farm Foundation Folder 1973-1976
B016-F10 Farm Foundation: World Food Situation Folder 1972-1983
B016-F12 National Advisory Commission on Food & Fiber: Food & Fiber Developments Folder 1972
B016-F17 Organizations: Habitat for Humanity Folder 1996-1997
B016-F25 Nature Conservancy Papers Folder 1992
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