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Reifel, Ben, 1906-1990
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Ben Reifel Correspondence With Linda Hasselstrom

Letter from Congressman Ben Reifel to Linda M. Hasselstrom of Sioux City, Iowa in regards to an article written in the July 11, 1965 issue of the Rapid City Journal about the Sun Dance. Included is a clipping of the article and an additional Rapid City Journal article about Crazy Horse.

Ben Reifel Career in the Military

Various papers that pertain to Ben Reifel's time in the military, such as his phyical examination reports and certificates of completion for courses required in the military.

Ben Reifel Naval Ship Tours

Souvenir booklets containing photographs of Ben Reifel's tours of the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy (CVA-67) and U.S.S. Lake Champlain (CVS-39) aircraft carriers.

Ben Reifel Appointment Book for 1966

Ben Reifel's reminders for various breakfast and lunch appointments, meetings with the American Legion, as well as reminders for speaking at different college campuses. Also includes reminders for different Briefings, 4-H meetings, and Appropriation Committee luncheons.

Glenard P. Lipscom Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress

Book of memorial addresses delivered in Congress for the late Glenard P. Lipscomb, a Representative from California. Includes his biography, announcement of death, resolution of respect, as well as tributes from various Representatives in Congress. Ben Reifel's address is on page 71. Also includes a tearsheet of the Congressional Record with Reifel's address.

Ben Reifel Speeches in 1965

Speeches given by Ben Reifel at different events, such as the YGOP Convention, the dedication of Shepard Hall at South Dakota State University, and Dakota Wesleyan University commencement exercises.

Ben Reifel Speeches in 1967

Speeches given by Ben Reifel at different events, such as the American Legion Convention, GOP State Central Committee Meeting, and the Hamlin County Republican Picnic.

Ben Reifel Speeches in 1980

Speech that Ben Reifel gave at the Northern State University Commencement. Also includes newpaper articles of Ben as well as a speech from H.J. Cummings that was given at the Aunnual Conference of the Florida Association for Health and Social Services.

Ben Reifel Speeches in 1983

Ben Reifel's speeches that he gave at South Dakota State University Commencement. Also includes his rough drafts of the speeches, as well as letters inviting him to speak at the commencements.

Ben Reifel Correspondence Scrapbook

Ben Reifel'scrapbook containing correspondence from many members of Congress in regards to various subjects, such as congratulations, invitations, and rejections of invitations to certain events.

Ben Reifel Campaign Scrapbook

Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings pertaining to Ben Reifel's campaign, time in Congress, and retirement from Congress. Also includes some correspondence to Ben from members of Congress.

Allotments for Beet Growers

Ben Reifel, Earl Crook, and Don Hunter on beet allotments for beet growers before the Agriculture Committee meeting in Washington, D.C. Guests represent two separate South Dakota Beet Growers Associations.

Allotments for Beet Growers

Ben Reifel, Earl Crook, and Don Hunter on beet allotments for beet growers before the Agriculture Committee meeting in Washington, D.C. Guests represent two separate South Dakota Beet Growers Associations.

Congressman Ben Reifel Memorial Day Remarks

Congressman Ben Reifel makes remarks on Memorial Day of the price of liberty and recites the poem 'The Golden Key' by Carrie Jacobs Bond. He ends asking for listeners support in the upcoming election. There is a sign on the desk Reifel is seated at that reads ' Ben Reifel for Congress'.

Ben Reifel Campaign Spot

Ben Reifel talk of his background of growing up on a small farm on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, his education at South Dakota State College and Harvard University, his time in the military, and his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He also speaks of his decision to run for Congress. His wife, Alice, appears near the end to stand by her husband in a show of support. He ends by asking listeners for their vote in the primary election in 1960.

Ben Reifel and his Family in Campaign Spot

Ben Reifel introduces his family and talks about his reasons for running for Congress in the First District of South Dakota. He also thanks his supporters and other candidates and asks constituents for their votes. Ben Reifel intorduces his grandaughters, Lisa and Laura Anderson, his daughter Loyce, his neice, Monica Johnson, and his wife Alice Reifel.

Target shooting

Footage shows a man shooting at a target with a rifle. Also included is footable of a young boy. There is no sound.

Ben Reifel at the Twin Buttes School dedication in 1959

Bureau of Indian Affairs area director at the dedication of the Twin Buttes School 12 miles north-northwest of Halliday, North Dakota, with him are Ernest Magnuson, principal of the Sac and Fox Day School in Tama, Iowa, Owen Morken, superintendent at Ft. Berthold Agency, John Star and Knute Lee, directors of schools

Ben Reifel and Tom Kleppe in 1976

Ben Reifel, former representative from South Dakota, speaks with North Dakota Representative Tom Kleppe and another man, the photograph is signed to Ben Reifel from Tom Kleppe

National Park Service

Correspondence between Ben Reifel and members of Congress in regards to his appointment as assistant for Indian Affairs to the Director of National Park service.

Gavel Given to Ben Reifel

Gavel given to Ben Reifel. It is made of pine wood and has a brass plate that is engraved '2nd Billionth Board Foot Harvested on the Black Hills National Forest'.

Ben and Alice Reifel's World's Fair Congressional Ribbons

Congressional Group ribbons, which were worn by Ben Reifel and his wife, Alice Reifel, during their visit to New York City for the World's Fair. The ribbons are yellow with blue lettering with the works 'Congressional Group New York City' and a seal of the city of New York above the words. A number is located at the bottom for each ribbon, number '3' and '4'. There is a gold pin at the top of each ribbon with 'B. Reifel' in typescript on one and 'Alice Reifel' handwritten on the other. The ribbons were kept in a red felt drawstring bag.

Americans for Constitutional Action Distinguished Service Award

Americans for Constitutional Action Distinguished Service award was presented to Ben Reifel in 1968. The award is a wood plaque with a cream colored background and yellow and black lettering. Word on the plaque read 'American for Constitutional Action the Board of Trustees has conferred upon Ben Reifel the distinguished service award for a notable voting record in the Congress of the United States (during a period from 1961 to 1968) in support of those legislative measures which would serve to sustain, strengthen, and defend the spirit and principles of the Constitution of the United States as these were defined by the Founding Fathers of our Republic. Fifth Biennial Awards given at Washington, District of Columbia, on the seventeenth day of November in the year Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-Nine.' It is signed by the chairman of the Board of Trustees, the president, and the recording secretary.

SDSU Foundation Distinguished University Benefactor Plaque

South Dakota State University Foundation recognizes Ben Reifel as a distinguished university benefactor in 1989 with an engraved oval shaped brass plate mounted on a octogon shaped wood plaque. The word of the engraving read 'South Dakota State University Foundation honors Honorable Ben Reifel Class of 1932 Distinguished University Benefactor in recognition of exemplary financial support of higher education 1989'.

Federal Laws Relating to Campaigns

Booklets about laws relating to federal corrupt practices and political activities, as well as a letter to republican nominees like Ben Reifel from the National Republican Congressional Committee in regards to filing reports of campaign receipts and expenditures.

American Indian News Stories

Various articles about topics collected by Ben Reifel such as suicide, education, reservations and administration among American Indians. Also includes articles about Ben Reifel during the senate race.

Commemorative Booklets of Congressional Dinners

Booklet of the 25th Anniversary Victory Dinner, featuring the services of Francis Case that includes photographs of Ben Reifel, and a booklet from the Congressional Dinner, which features an article on Ben Reifel and his wife, Alice Reifel.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1950-1951

Correspondence in regards to Ben Reifel and an article he wrote for the Christian Science Monitor while he was at Harvard. Also includes correspondence between Reifel and the Department of the Interior in regards to his studies of relocation for Crow Creek and Lower Brule reservations.

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