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Holy Rosary Mission in Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Bureau of Indian Affairs officials visit the Holy Rosary Mission in Pine Ridge, South Dakota; from the right: (second) Superintendent Towle; (third) Commissioner Emmons; (fourth) Rev. Lawrence Edwards, S.J., Superior of Holy Rosary Mission; From the Left (fourth) Rev. John Bryde, S.J. , principal of Holy Rosary Mission; (fifth) Ben Reifel, Aberdeen Area Director; (sixth) Representative Ely. Berry; (seventh) Assistant Commissioner Rex Lee

Representative Ben Reifel with U.S. government officials

Representative Ben Reifel with United States government officials; from left to right: Surgeon General Luther Terry; Representative Ben Reifel; Mrs. Polling, Indian Health Service; Miss Gifford, Bureau of Indian Affairs; Secretary ?; Mamie Mizen, Senate Appropriations; Dr. Wagner, Indian Health Service

Masahide Shibusawa speaks at the Mackinac demonstration in 1965

Masahide Shibusawa, Japanese business man, who is in charge of the work of Moral Re-Armament in Japan, speaks at the Mackinac demonstration. He has come to plan for the delegation of 100 Japanese students arriving later in July. Shibusawa's great-grandfather was the founder of modern industrial Japan

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