Hilton M. Briggs Papers Inventory list

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B02-F18 Writings: College Herds and College Youth Folder 1962
B02-F23 Writings: The Development of the American Society of Animal Production Folder 1954
B02-F26 Writings: The Effect of Adding Black Strap Molasses to a Lamb Fattening Ration Folder 1940
B02-F29 Writings: Evaluating a Pedigree Folder 1955
B02-F30 Writings: Excretion of Creatinine and Creatine by Beef Steers Folder 1949
B02-F32 Writings: Feeds, Animals Folder 1951, 1965
B02-F33 Writings: Fifty Years of Growth and Progress Folder 1958
B02-F35 Writings: From the Director in Reports 61 of the Agricultural Experiment Station Folder 1950-1951
B02-F38 Writings: The Influence of Method of Preparation on the Nutritive Value of Cotton Seed and Soybean Meals Folder 1948
B02-F40 Writings: The Influence of Nutrition on the Reproduction of Ewes Folder 1942
B02-F42 Writings: Metabolism Stalls for Wethers on Steers Folder 1949
B02-F48 Writings: Oats and Barley for Fattening Lambs Folder 1964
B02-F49 Writings: Outlook Thoughts for 1964 Con SDSU Folder 1943
B02-F54 Writings: Same Factors Encountered in Experiments to Evaluate Feeds For Fattening Lambs Folder 1942
F02-F56 Writings: The Southdown Breed Folder 1978
B02-F58 Writings: Summary of the American Beef Industry Symposium Folder 1966
B02-F62 Writings: Urea as an extender of protein when fed to lambs Folder 1948
B02-F65 Writings: The use of Silica as a reference Substance in Digestion trials with Ruminants Folder 1945
B02-F66 Writings: The Utilization of Feed as Affected by Grinding Folder 1941
B02-F72 Writings: The 1970 English Royal Sheep Show Folder 1970
B03 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 3 Box
B03-F02 Appreciation Award from Inter Collegiate Athletics Folder undated
B03-F04 Dean's Club College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences Folder 1989-1998
B03-F06 People to People of the United States Folder undated
B03-F09 Remote Sensing Institute Appreciation Award Folder 1978
B03-F11 SDPOA Plaque Folder 1975
B04 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 4 Box
B04-F02 Litton Charolaise Ranch Plate Folder undated
B04-F06 Award Distinguished University Benefactor Folder 1996
B05 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 5 Box
B07-F06 Recognition: Jackrabbit Century Club (Plaque) Folder 1975-1980
B07-F12 Retirement: SD Legislature Resolutions recognizing Briggs' Service Folder 1975
B08-F05 Plaque for Outstanding Support of College of Engineering Folder undated
B08-F07 President's Club Lincoln Library Folder 1970
B08-F11 50 Years of Progress, American Society of Animal Production - 50 Years Anniversary Medal Tri State Milling Co. Folder undated
B09-F02 Recognition: Eminent and Distinguished Native of Cairo, Iowa Folder 1995
B09-F04 Album - Hilton and Lillian Briggs (May 4) Folder 1975
B12 Travel photographs Box
B12-CD01 Alaska Photographs
1 Underwood Tyepwriter Objects and artifacts early 20th century
2 Pendulum Clock Objects and artifacts
B01-F13 Christmas and Family Photographs Folder 1977
B01-F17 Diplomas Folder 1963-1975
B01-F24 Life After SDSU Presidency Folder 1975-2001
B01-F27 People-to-People Tour Folder 1982
B01-F29 Photographs of Briggs' Horses Folder 1960s
B01-F30 Photographs of Hobo Day Folder 1958
B01-F34 Retirement: Letters of Congratulation - Book 2 of 3 Folder 1975
B02 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 2 Box
B02-F01 Retirement Letters of Congratulations (Embossed Album) Folder 1975
B02-F02 Saddle and Sirloin Club: Induction to Portrait Collection Photographs Folder 1978
B02-F08 Scrapbook: H.M. Briggs Memorabilia Vol. 2 Folder 1961-2001
B01-F10 Stephen F. Briggs Scholarship Recipients (records and thank you letters) Folder 1970-1971
B02-F11 South Dakota State Years Folder 1958-1975
B02-F13 University Presidents Forced to resign Folder 1980
B02-F14 University of Wyoming Years Folder 1950-1958
B02-F16 Writings: The Apparent Digestibility of Prairie Hay of Variable Protein Content with some Observations of Feral Nitrogen Excretion by Steers in Relation to their Dry Matter Intake Folder 1948
B02-F19 Writings: Comparative Effect on Vitamin A Metabolism in Sheep of Urea, Soybean, Oil Meal, and Cottonseed Meal as sources of Protein Folder 1951
B02-F24 Writings: Digestibility of Dried Sweet Potatoes by Steers and Lambs Folder 1947
B02-F27 Writings: The Effect of Adding Large Amounts of Cottonseed Meal to a Lamb Fattening Ration Folder 1942
B02-F28 Writings: Effect of Orally Administered Urea on the Ammonia and Urea Concentration in the Blood of Cattle and Sheep, with observations on Blood Ammonia Levels Associated with Symptoms on Alkalosis Folder 1948
B01-F39 Writings: The Influence of Method of Preparation of Cotton Seed and Soybean Meals on their Supplemental Value in Fattening Ration for Cattle Folder 1949
B02-F41 Writings: International Pig Breed Encyclopedia Folder 1983
B02-F43 Writings: The Minimum Phosphorus Requirement of Lambs for Phosphorus Equilibrium Folder 1950
B02-F44 Writings: Nitrogen Balance with Sheep on Rations Containing Urea Folder 1948
B02-F45 Writings: Nitrogen Balance with Steers on Oil Meal Rations Folder 1945
B02-F50 Writings: Phenothiazine for Control of Stomach Worms in Sheep Folder 1950
B02-F52 Writings: Roughage, Grains, and Protein Supplements For Fattening Lambs Folder 1987
B02-F61 Writings: Urea as an extender of protein when fed to cattle Folder 1947
B02-F71 Writings: The yield and Feeding Value of Prairie as Related to time of Cutting Folder 1948
B03-F01 American Saddle Breed Three Gaiteel Pleasure State Champion Folder 1984
B03-F07 President's Club Old North Folder 1968
B04-F08 Book with Author's Note "Animal Science and Industry" Folder 1971
B06 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 6 Box
B07-F01 Agriservices Foundation Plaque Folder 1981
B07-F02 Continental Dorset Club Past President Plaque Folder undated
B07-F03 MSA - SDSU Appreciation Plaque Folder 1999
B07-F11 Recognition: SDSU President's Club (Plaque) Folder 1969
B07-F13 Reserve Overall Hi-Point Halter Champion Folder 1989
B08-F03 Horse Person of the Year Folder 1995
B08-F10 Various Buttons and Lighters Folder undated
B09-F05 Album - Hilton and Lillian Briggs (May 4) Folder 1975
B10 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 10 Box
B11-I22 52nd Annual Dakota Minnesota Saddle Horse Holiday (Blue Ribbon) Folder 1998
B11-I28 Recognition: Service to Animal Agriculture Item 1980
B12-CD04 France, Switzerland, Rome, Haiti Photographs
B01 H.M. Briggs Papers - Box 1 Box
B01-F01 Articles about SDSU Folder 1970s
B01-F02 Articles on HM Briggs' Horses Folder 1980-1990
B01-F04 Articles on the President's House (Woodbine Cottage) Folder 1970-1984
B01-F05 Articles on SDSU and Briggs Folder 1950-1970
B01-F08 Assorted Photographs Folder 1969-1995
B01-F10 Briggs Library (Articles, Dedications, Letters) Folder 1977
B01-F19 Journal Articles Authored/Co-Authored by H.M. Briggs Folder 1946-1958
B01-F23 Life After SDSU (Articles, Journals, Notes) Folder 1975-2001
B01-F25 Mementos and Collected Material Folder 1980
B01-F32 Radio Interview with Dr. HM Briggs Folder 1959
B01-F33 Retirement: Letters of Congratulation - Book 1 of 3 Folder 1975
B01-F04 Saddle and Sirloin Club: Letters of Congratulation on induction to portrait collection (2 of 3) Folder 1978
B02-F06 Saddle and Sirloin Club: Portrait Collection Booklet and programs Folder 1997-2000
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