Communication Studies and Theater Department Records Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01-F03 Film and Cafe Society - Reel Images (pamphlet) Folder 1999
B01-F04 Footlight Club play programs Folder 1931-1932
B01-F06 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book II Folder 1975-1979
B03-F12 Spotlight on State University Theatre (newsletter) Folder 1987-1988
B03-F15 State University Theatre Playbills Folder 1967-1968, 1987-2006
B03-F23 Yellow and Blue Review Folder 1989-1999
B02 Communication Studies & Theater Records Box 2 Box
B02-F01 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book V Folder 1990-1994
B03 Communication Studies & Theater Records Box 3 Box
B03-F02 Prairie Repertory Theatre Playbills Folder 1999-2008, undated
B03-F16 State University Theatre Postcards Folder 2004-2008
B03-F20 State University Theatre Season tickets Folder 1965-1991, 1998-2007
B03-F22 State University Schedule Folder 2017-2018
B03-F09 South Dakota Theater Fest (pamphlet, posters) Folder 2004-2006
B03-F11 Spotlight on State University Theatre (newsletter) Folder 1979-1986
B03-F19 State University Theatre Season calendars Folder 1966-1967, 1987-2005, 2008, undated
B01-F02 Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Recruitment Video Folder 1997
B01-F08 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book IV Folder 1985-1989
B02-F02 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book VI Folder 1995-1999
B03-F03 Prairie Repertory Theatre Programs Folder 1981-2006, 2008
B03-F05 Prairie Repertory Theatre A Summer Outreach Program (info sheet) Folder undated
B03-F07 SDSU Experimental Theatre (poster) Folder undated
B01 Communication Studies & Theater Records Box 1 Box
B01-F01 Course offerings Folder 1999
B01-F05 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book I Folder 1971-1974
B01-F07 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book III Folder 1980-1984
B02-F03 Prairie Repertory Theatre Book VII Folder 2000-2002
B03-F01 Prairie Repertory Theatre Correspondence Folder 2003-2008
B03-F04 Prairie Repertory Theatre Summer Calendar Folder 1984-2008
B03-F06 Radio KSDJ (posters, pamphlets, etc.) Folder 1999-2005, undated
B03-F08 SDSU's Yellow and Blue Revue (booklet) Folder 1988 June-1989
B03-F10 Speech (pamphlet) Folder undated
B03-F13 State College Theatre Program Folder 1954
B03-F14 State University Theatre Correspondence Folder 1991, 2001, 2007
B03-F17 State University Theatre Posters Folder 2003, 2008
B03-F18 State University Theatre Programs Folder 1964-1991
B03-F21 State College Theatre-In-the-Round Program Folder 1960