Anthony S. Dylla Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01-F14 Irrigations on Western Farms Folder 1959
B01-F17 Nitrogen Leaching as Influenced by Nitrogen Management and Supplemental Irrigation Level Folder 1981
B01-F18 Number of Sensors for Efficient Irrigation of a Shallow Soil Folder 1970s
B01-F19 Phreatophytes: Range From Shrubs to Cottonwoods - How Much Water Do They Waste? Folder 1964
B01 Anthony S. Dylla Papers Box 1 Box
B01-F03 Computer Simulation of Sprinkler Irrigation Practices in Minnesota Folder 1980
B01-F05 Correspondence and Notes Folder 1973
B01-F07 Estimating Losses From a Rotating-Boom Sprinkler Folder 1983
B01-F08 Estimating Water Used by Irrigated Corn in West Central Minnesota Folder 1980
B01-F15 Is Irrigation in Minnesota a Dilemma? Folder undated
B01-F22 Simplified Procedure for Transient-Flow Drainage Design Folder 1966
B01-F23 Traveling Gun Application Uniformity in High Winds Folder 1976
B01-F25 Water, Water Everywhere - But Can We Use It? Folder 1979
B01-F01 Auger-Hole Hydraulic Conductivity: First Versus Second Test Folder 1971
B01-F04 Correlation and Regression - A Supplement to Experimental Methods for Extension Workers Folder 1966
B01-F09 Evapotranspiration Measurements by Chloride Translocation Folder 1970
B01-F10 Experimental Methods for Extension Workers Folder 1960
B01-F11 Field Experimental on Sealing Permeable Find Sand with Bentonite Folder 1964
B01-F13 Irrigation Automation With a Soil Moisture Sensing System Folder 1980
B01-F16 Nitrogen Inputs and Outputs For an Irrigated Corn Ecosystem in the Northwest Corn Belt Folder undated
B01-F20 Physical Properties of Drought-Hazard Soils in Central Minnesota Folder 1975
B01-F26 Wind Effects on Water Application Patterns From a Large, Single Nozzle Sprinkler Folder 1976
B01-F02 Bentonite Cuts Water Seepage Folder 1963
B01-F06 Division S-5 - Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification Folder 1971
B01-F12 Hydraulic Conductivity Samples for Confidence Folder 1970
B01-F21 Plastic Membrane Tanks for Evapotranspiration Determinations Folder 1962
B01-F24 Water Use Studies on Forage Grasses in Northern Nevada Folder 1972