A.L. Musson Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
UA 53.8: B01-F05 Memorabilia Folder undated
UA 53.8: B01-F09 Reconnaissance ground water survey of Somalia, East Africa by Thomas P. Ahrens Folder 1951
UA 53.8: B01-F10 Reports Folder 1950-1954
UA 53.8: B01 A.L. Musson Papers - Box 1 Box
UA 53.8: B01-F02 Contacts Folder 1954
UA 53.8: B01-F03 Correspondence Folder 1954-1962
UA 53.8: B01-F06 Notes Folder undated
UA 53.8: B01-F11 Scrapbook I Folder 1954
UA 53.8: B01-F13 Slides and negatives Folder 1954
UA 53.8: B01-F14 Trip preparation Folder 1954
UA 53.8: B01-F01 Articles Folder 1962
UA 53.8: B01-F04 Maps Folder undated
UA 53.8: B01-F07 Proposed program for agricultural technical assistance for Somalia by Musson and Worzella Folder 1954
UA 53.8: B01-F08 Recommendations for the development of an agricultural research and educational program in the Somalia Republic by John T. Stone Folder 1962
UA 53.8: B01-F12 Scrapbook II Folder 1954