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Reifel, Ben, 1906-1990 Scrapbooks
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Ben Reifel Campaign Scrapbook

Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings pertaining to Ben Reifel's campaign, time in Congress, and retirement from Congress. Also includes some correspondence to Ben from members of Congress.

Ben Reifel Campaign Scrapbook

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings from Ben Reifel's campaign for Congress. The clippings mentione his opponents, and well as the places he was traveling to speak about his campaign.

Ben Reifel Correspondence Scrapbook

Ben Reifel'scrapbook containing correspondence from many members of Congress in regards to various subjects, such as congratulations, invitations, and rejections of invitations to certain events.

Ben Reifel Newspaper Clipping Scrapbook

Scrapbook of newspaper clipping pertaining to Ben Reifel's work in Congress on issues such as agriculture. Also includes Ben Reifel's commentary on various topics such as segregation of Native America Children in schools, the dam projects and many others.

Reifel Shots Scrapbook

Scrapbook of Reifel Shots, Ben Reifel's, a newsletter of current issues in Congress, as well as the measures being taken to address and fix these issues.