Robert F. Kerr Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01 Robert F. Kerr Papers - Box 1 Box
B01-F02 Christmas greeting (poem by Kerr) Folder 1919
B01-F04 Class records Folder 1886-1887
B01-F07 Correspondence Folder undated
B01-F10 Correspondence Folder 1890-1891
B01-F15 Correspondence - from I.D. Aldrich re: university presidents Folder 1916
B01-F16 D.A.C. Cadets Folder undated
B01-F19 Diary Folder 1887
B02-F05 Traveling papers Folder undated
B02-F07 Writings - Autobiographical sketch Folder 1887
B01-F08 Correspondence Folder 1881-1885
B01-F17 Diary Folder 1886
B02 Robert F. Kerr Papers - Box 2 Box
B02-F03 Notes Folder 1893-1894
B02-F04 Scrapbook Folder 1885-1888
B02-F08 Writings - College history Folder undated
B02-F09 Writings - Early history of Brookings County Folder circa 1897
B02-F10 Writings - History of Brookings County Folder undated
B01-F01 Certificate - Department of Public Instruction Folder 1899
B01-F05 Class records Folder 1887-1888
B01-F06 Class records Folder 1891-1892
B01-F09 Correspondence Folder 1886-1889
B01-F11 Correspondence Folder 1892
B01-F18 Diary Folder 1886-1888
B01-F20 History of SDSC: 1881-1931 (Chapter 1 by Kerr, Marginalia) Folder 1931
B02-F01 Kerr's Block Map and Manual of South Dakota Folder 1906, 1913
B02-F02 Ledger Folder 1888
B02-F06 Writings - A Few words in favor of the Jews Folder undated
B02-F11 Writings - Trip to Europe Folder 1891
B01-F03 Class records Folder 1885-1886
B01-F12 Correspondence Folder 1893
B01-F13 Correspondence Folder 1894, 1905
B01-F14 Correspondence - from A.S. Harding to Kerr re: Chalmers Folder 1906