Diversity Enhancement Office Records Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01-F03 Diversity Enhancement calendar Folder 2000-2007
B01-F05 Ethnicity Matters Folder 2003, 2006
B01-F06 Event flyers Folder 1999-2005
B01-F10 Lecture: Dr. Imad Moustapha "Syria and the Changing Middle East" Folder 2006
B01-F14 Sexual Harassment Folder 1996-2001
B02-I03 Ethnicity Matters: Keynote Address VHS 2002 October 18
B02-I04 Ethnicity Matters: Welcome and Session 1 VHS 2002 October 19
B01 Diversity Enhancement Records Box 1 Box
B01-F02 Diversity Enchancement brochures Folder 1999-2000
B01-F12 Prejudice and Discrimination brochures Folder 1996-2001
B01-F15 Teaching at SDSU with Diversity in Mind Folder undated
B01-F17 Director Position Description Folder 1999
B02 Diversity Enhancement Records Box 2 Box
B02-I02 An Intellectural Discourse: The Facts About Islam VHS 2001 September 27
B02-I05 Ethnicity Matters: Session 2 VHS 2002 October 19
B02-I07 Ethnicity Matters: Session 4 VHS 2002 October 19
B01-F08 Festival of Cultures Folder 2000-2008
B01-F09 Iraq War, American Foreign Policy and the Mass Media panel Folder 2006
B01-F11 Logo Contest Folder 2000
B01-F16 Annual Report Folder 2015
B02-I01 Iraq: Pandora's Box Wide Open, Edward Peck VHS 2004 February 2
B02-I06 Ethnicity Matters: Session 3 VHS 2002 October 19
B02-I08 Ethnicity Matters: Panel Discussion VHS 2002 October 19
B01-F01 Disabilities brochure Folder 1998
B01-F04 Diversity Lecture Series flyers Folder 2006
B01-F07 Faces of America Folder 2000
B01-F13 Service-Learning Newsletter Folder 2007