McGovern Campaign Volunteer - DA 3.0.1 Box 1 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DA 3.0 B01-16 Election Day Manual Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-17 Follow-up letters for canvas Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-18 Foot canvass instructions Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-28 McGovern on the Issues Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-31 Photograph Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-33 Pre-primary calendar Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-34 Precinct captains information sheet Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-41 South Dakota County Files: Clay Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-43 South Dakota County Files: Lake Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-56 Bicentennial Directory, Joint Committee on Arrangements for the Bicentennial Folder 1976
DA 3.0 B01-58 Campaign bumper stickers Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-66 Congressional Record tear sheets, photocopies, and offprints Folder 1975
DA 3.0 B01-70 Correspondence Folder 1975 February
DA 3.0 B01-71 Correspondence Folder 1975 March
DA 3.0 B01-02 Biography George McGovern: The Kind of Man He Is Folder 1968
DA 3.0 B01-05 Campaign literature and bumper stickers: other campaigns Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-24 Instructions for Phone Poll Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-25 Instructions for Rural Canvass Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-29 Memoranda Folder 1971-1974
DA 3.0 B01-35 Precinct returns for major elections in South Dakota 1972 Folder 1973
DA 3.0 B01-36 Pre-election day absentee ballot card Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-38 Schedule for remaining two months of campaign Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-53 Volunteer instructions Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-54 Abourezk-McGovern letter to Kissinger on Cyprus Folder 1974
DA 3.0 B01-55 Application of Landsat Imagery to Petroleum and Mineral Exploration by Michael T. Halbouty Folder 1976
DA 3.0 B01-59 Campaign literature Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-62 Campaign voter identification: computer sheet transfer work instructions Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-63 Capsulized summary for the Counterforce Debate Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-64 Congressional Record tear sheets, photocopies and offprints Folder 1973
DA 3.0 B01-65 Congressional Record tear sheets, photocopies, and offprints Folder 1974
DA 3.0 B01-67 Congressional Record tear sheets, photocopies, and offprints Folder 1976
DA 3.0 B01-03 Campaign bumper stickers Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-07 Campaign schedules Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-09 Canvass forms Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-10 Civil Service Exam Information Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-12 Contribution lists Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-14 Day I Met Senator George McGovern, essay by Joani Nelson Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-15 Election Day Checklist and Manual Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-20 Get the Vote Out Campaign 1972 Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-21 Handbook for elections Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-26 Instructions for the McGovern-Kneip Voter Identification Project Folder 1974
DA 3.0 B01-27 Issue files Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-30 Negative Advertising Folder 1974
DA 3.0 B01-39 South Dakota County Files: Brookings Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-40 South Dakota County Files: Brown Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-46 South Dakota County Files: Moody Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-48 South Dakota Democratic Convention Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-49 South Dakota Democratic Platform of 1972 Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-51 Volunteer Action Cards Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-57 Biography Congressman Jim Abourezk Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-60 Campaign literature - other campaigns Folder 1973
DA 3.0 B01-61 Campaign statistics (The 1976 Election in South Dakota by Alan L. Clem, published in Public Affairs, Government Research Bureau, USD, Vermillion, SD, No. 67, Feb, 1977) Folder 1976
DA 3.0 B01-69 Correspondence Folder 1975 January
DA 3.0 B01-01 Advertisement for Volunteers Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-04 Campaign literature Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-06 Campaign manual for final 45 days Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-08 Campaign White Paper: Nixon, Promise and Performance; McGovern, Good Labor Record; The Nixon Record Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-11 Congressional Record Tear sheets, photocopies and offprints Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-13 Daschle strategy on McGovern Nebraska Campaign Folder 1971
DA 3.0 B01-19 Fund-raising dinner Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-22 Instruction Manual for the South Dakota Voter Information Survey Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-23 Instructions for dollar canvass Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-32 Polling materials Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-37 Schedule Folder 1972
DA 3.0 B01-42 South Dakota County Files: Day Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-44 South Dakota County Files: Marshall Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-45 South Dakota County Files: Minnehaha Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-47 South Dakota County Files: Other Counties Folder 1970s
DA 3.0 B01-50 Special events cards Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-52 Vote Reminder Leaflets Folder undated
DA 3.0 B01-68 Correspondence Folder 1973
DA 3.0 B01-72 Correspondence Folder 1975 April