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Reifel, Ben, 1906-1990
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Bureau of Indian Affairs Map

Map showing all of the activities of the Bureaus of the Department of the Interior (which Ben Reifel was apart of), west of the Mississippi River.

Charles Iron Hawk allotment, 1930

Charles Iron Hawk on Cheyenne River allotment. Married Mary No Water, living on his wife's allotment of 160 acres, 1 room log house with dirt floor and dirt roof

Ben Reifel Career in the Military

Various papers that pertain to Ben Reifel's time in the military, such as his phyical examination reports and certificates of completion for courses required in the military.

U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship X Coin Given to Ben Reifel

U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship X Coin. The gold colored coin has the U.S.S South Dakota ship and 'Battleship X 1942' engraved on one side and an eagle with a shield and and anchor with the words 'Coined in part from the battleship U.S.S. South Dakota known as battleship X'on the reverse. Ben Reifel received these for his service in the military.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1946-1949

Correspondence between Ben Reifel, members of the Association on American Indian Affairs, and the secretary of Harvard University in regards to his acceptance at the university, and his temporary leave from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1950-1951

Correspondence in regards to Ben Reifel and an article he wrote for the Christian Science Monitor while he was at Harvard. Also includes correspondence between Reifel and the Department of the Interior in regards to his studies of relocation for Crow Creek and Lower Brule reservations.

Ben Reifel's Education

Papers pertaining to Ben Reifel's educational experience and work from Elementary school up until he obtained his Doctorate Degree.

Rosebud Agency, South Dakota, 1954

Rosebud Agency as seen from the northwest approach road. The Agency is about 12 miles southwest of Mission, South Dakota. Show the log Sioux Indian Museum on the right

Republican Campaign Advertisements for Bill Avery and Fred A. Obley

Campaign advertisements for Bill Avery, Kansas Republican candidate in 1954; and Fred A. Obley, Pennsylvania Republican candidate for Congress in 1955. The recording consists of film clip of old time movies, such as Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton, and photographs of various babies. The clips are followed by a sign that reads 'Vote Bill Avery Experience Counts!' or 'Fred Obley for Congress Nov. 8th'. One of the ads has an image of Richard Nixon and another of President Eisenhower speaking. There are 28 ads in total: 21 for Bill Avery and 7 for Fred Obley. This does not have sound.

Ben Reifel at the Twin Buttes School dedication in 1959

Bureau of Indian Affairs area director at the dedication of the Twin Buttes School 12 miles north-northwest of Halliday, North Dakota, with him are Ernest Magnuson, principal of the Sac and Fox Day School in Tama, Iowa, Owen Morken, superintendent at Ft. Berthold Agency, John Star and Knute Lee, directors of schools

Ben Reifel and E.Y. Berry Campaign Advertisement

Campaign advertisement for E.Y. Berry and Ben Reifel. Berry talks on spending tax dollars and how the spenders plan is to condition citizens to go with their programs by saying Russia is beter and the United states is second rate giving the scenario of if the United States traded places with Russia.

Ben Reifel Appointment Book for 1960

Ben Reifel's important appointment dates for meetings with Legislative Research Council, Kiwanis Club, and Boy Scouts. Also includes dates for talking at the Huron Annual Assembly.

Ben Reifel Campaign Spot

Ben Reifel talk of his background of growing up on a small farm on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, his education at South Dakota State College and Harvard University, his time in the military, and his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He also speaks of his decision to run for Congress. His wife, Alice, appears near the end to stand by her husband in a show of support. He ends by asking listeners for their vote in the primary election in 1960.

Ben Reifel and his Family in Campaign Spot

Ben Reifel introduces his family and talks about his reasons for running for Congress in the First District of South Dakota. He also thanks his supporters and other candidates and asks constituents for their votes. Ben Reifel intorduces his grandaughters, Lisa and Laura Anderson, his daughter Loyce, his neice, Monica Johnson, and his wife Alice Reifel.

Federal Laws Relating to Campaigns

Booklets about laws relating to federal corrupt practices and political activities, as well as a letter to republican nominees like Ben Reifel from the National Republican Congressional Committee in regards to filing reports of campaign receipts and expenditures.

Ben Reifel Campaign Scrapbook

Scrapbook of newspaper clippings from Ben Reifel's campaign for Congress. The clippings mentione his opponents, and well as the places he was traveling to speak about his campaign.

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