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Reifel, Ben, 1906-1990
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Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1946-1949

Correspondence between Ben Reifel, members of the Association on American Indian Affairs, and the secretary of Harvard University in regards to his acceptance at the university, and his temporary leave from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1950-1951

Correspondence in regards to Ben Reifel and an article he wrote for the Christian Science Monitor while he was at Harvard. Also includes correspondence between Reifel and the Department of the Interior in regards to his studies of relocation for Crow Creek and Lower Brule reservations.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1952-1963

Correspondence congratulating Ben Reifel on the thesis he wrote during his education at Harvard University. Also includes correspondence in regards to his being named the Superintendent of the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1960

Correspondence between Ben Reifel's campaign manager and those in charge of certain events and schools, arranging for Ben to speak. Also includes itineraries of events that Ben attends.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1963

Letters of thanks written to Ben Reifel by other members of Congress in regards to him sending them copies of the Indian Prayers he shared at the Prayer Group. Also includes letters asking Ben Reifel if he would contribute any items to the Historic Costume and Textile Collection at South Dakota State College.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1965

Correspondence in regards to the items Ben Reifel loaned to the Department of Textiles and Clothing at South Dakota State University, as well as memorial cards, and information pertaining to prints and films that were borrowed for certain events.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1966

Correspondence pertaining to Ben Reifel's re-election victory, as well as lists of sessions to attend at the Third Annual Conference on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which Ben Reifel was a speaker.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1967

Birthday cards and letters for Ben Reifel, as well as correspondence pertaining to giving his files and records to South Dakota. Also includes correspondence pertaining to Ben Reifels campaign for the following year.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1968

Correspondence in regards to the buckskin vest Ben Reifel loaned to the Department of Textiles and Clothing at South Dakota State University, as well as speeches and statements from Ben Reifel pertaining to the problems facing Indian people.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1969

Correspondence in regards to Ben Reifel being asked to become part of the faculty at Northern State University, University of South Dakota, and South Dakota State University. Also includes items such as birthday cards and letters and minutes from the Bishop Hare Home Board Meeting.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1971

Correspondence between Ben Reifel and the Rock County Star Herald, as well as a citation for Ben Reifel's Honorary Doctrate Degree in Humanities from South Dakota State University.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1976-1980

Correspondence in regards to The Grand Council of the Eastern Band of Cherokees and their Constitution, as well as letters of congratulations to Ben Reifel for being the recipient of the First Distinguished Award in the Humanities.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence for 1989

Progress reports from Ben Reifel during his time in Congress that talk about what he had been doing and what bills he had passed, and also includes a thank you letter from the Lower Brule Farm Corporation.

Ben Reifel's Correspondence with Gerald R. Ford

Correspondence between Gerald R. Ford and Ben Reifel pertaining to Gerald expressing his appreciation for Ben's hardwork and his help in passing the President's tax package. Also includes a birthday letter to Ben from Gerald.

Ben Reifel's Education

Papers pertaining to Ben Reifel's educational experience and work from Elementary school up until he obtained his Doctorate Degree.

Benjamin Reifel Papers

  • MA 009
  • Papers
  • 1905-1990

This collection is composed of memorabilia, scrapbooks, campaign items, and personal items related to Reifel's career as a public servant, especially his years in the United States Senate and his work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The bulk of congressional material is memorabilia and scrapbooks and not records related to his term of office. Other materials are related chiefly to his post-congressional speaking career.

Reifel, Ben, 1906-1990

Boy Scouts of America Appreciation for Service Plaque

Plaque presented to Ben Reifl by the Boys Scouts of America recognizing his service to American Indian youth. The plaque is a wood shield with a brass plate and Boy Scouts emblems at the center top. The words read 'To the Honorable Ben Reifel in Appreciation for Service to American Indian Youth Through Scouting 1967'.

Briefing Kit for Ben Reifel's Trip to China

Briefing kit for Ben Reifel's visit to China as part of the Army Reserve Congressional Command and Operations Group. Included are inineraries , lunch and dinner guest lists, information on transportation, currency conversion, shopping, and maps of the area. Also includes information on his hotel arrangements as well.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Map

Map showing all of the activities of the Bureaus of the Department of the Interior (which Ben Reifel was apart of), west of the Mississippi River.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Reports and Conference Materials

Reports on The Community Mental Health Program in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, schedule for Secretary of the Interior's conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Secretary Stewart L. Udall's remarks, and the final report for the Department of Mental Health titled, 'Cross-Cultural Study of Cognitive Development on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation by Gilbert Voyat and Setphen Silk.

Charles Iron Hawk allotment, 1930

Charles Iron Hawk on Cheyenne River allotment. Married Mary No Water, living on his wife's allotment of 160 acres, 1 room log house with dirt floor and dirt roof

City of New York Medallion Given to Ben Reifel

Bronze medallion given to Ben Reifel by the New York City Mayor, John V. Lindsay. The medallion is coin shaped with 'The City of New York" on the outer edge. In the center is a raised relief of a kneeling woman with four women standing beside her and five stars beneath her. The reverse side depicts a city skyline on the outer edge with a man above the city and a woman at the bottom. The center is engraved with'The City of New York to Hon. Ben Reifel by John V. Lindsay, Mayor May 20, 1966'. 'Mantattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Richmond' surround the engraving.

College of Home Economics at SDSU Honorary Home Economist Award

College of Home Economics at South Dakota State Univeristy honors Ben Reifel with the title of Honorary Home Economist. The wood plaque is decorated with black grooves on the outer edges. An engraved plate is attached in the center with brass fasteners. The words read 'The College of Home Economics at South Dakota State University Confer Upon Ben Reifel the Title of Honorary Home Economics with all the Priveleges and Favors Thereof'.

Commemorative Booklets of Congressional Dinners

Booklet of the 25th Anniversary Victory Dinner, featuring the services of Francis Case that includes photographs of Ben Reifel, and a booklet from the Congressional Dinner, which features an article on Ben Reifel and his wife, Alice Reifel.

Congressional Command and Operations groups United States Air Force visits Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe near Paris, France in 1961

Congressional Command and Operations groups United States Air Force visits Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe near Paris, France. They were received at the International Military Headquarters by General Lauris Norstad, Supreme Allied Commander Europe. Left to right: Major General H.A. Gerhardt, Lt. Col. Hastings Keith; Major J. Edward Roush, Lt. Col. Kenneth W. Hechler, Major Clarke McGregor, General Lauris Norstad, Major W.P. Jennings, Col. Ralph W. Yarborough, Col. Alexander Pirnie, Lt. Col. Ben Reifel, Capt. Ralph R. Harding, Col. William G. Bray. The photograph is signed: To Ben Reifel Loris Norstad

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