Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape and Parks Department Records Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
B01 Botany Ledger [Box 1] Box
B02 Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape, & Parks Records [Box 2] Box
B02-F04 Experience Survey to Determine the Value of Trees to South Dakota Farmers Folder undated
B02-F19 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1966-1970
B02-F22 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1981-1985
B02-F26 South Dakota State Horticulture Society (program from meeting) Folder 1924
B03-F01 Tree Talk (newsletter) Folder 1975-1980
B03-F03 Tree Talk (newsletter) Folder 1986-1988
B03-F05 Weed control in trees (info sheet) Folder undated
B02-F02 Arbor Day (blank certificates) Folder 1960
B02-F03 Christmas Trees (Select and cut program and map) Folder undated
B02-F07 Landscape Design Program lecture (program) Folder 2000
B02-F12 McCrory Gardens Newsletter: Fall Notes from the Gardens Folder 1998
B02-F13 McCrory Gardens Pamphlets (history) Folder 2005, undated
B02-F16 Park Management The Outlook (newsletter) Folder 1979-1980
B02-F21 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1976-1980
B02-F23 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1986-1987
B02-F25 Soil Conservation Districts' Tree Planter (county survey) Folder 1976
B02-F28 Sustainable Design Workshop - Straw Bale Construction (poster) Folder 2007
B03 Horticulture, Forestry, Landscape, & Parks Records [Box 3] Box
B03-F02 Tree Talk (newsletter) Folder 1981-1985
B03-F04 Turf grass Research Summary [C265] Folder 1999
B02-F01 4-H Forestry Club (program and record book) Folder undated
B02-F06 Horticulture-Forestry/Wildlife-Fisheries Phase II Building (booklet) Folder 1985
B02-F08 McCrory Gardens (newsletter) Folder 2005, 2007
B02-F09 McCrory Gardens Dedications Folder 1994, 2004, 2006
B02-F10 McCrory Gardens Friends Newsletter Folder 1988-1998
B02-F18 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1960-1965
B02-F20 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1971-1975
B03-F06 McCrory Gardens Newsletter Folder 2019
B01-L01 Herbarium and Plant Analysis ledger Ledger 1911
B02-F05 Horticulture Field Laboratory (info-sheet, slipping) Folder 1972
B02-F11 McCrory Gardens Job description (summer) Folder 2000
B02-F14 McCrory Gardens Rose Garden Folder 1989, undated
B02-F15 Park Management/A.I.N. Region V Conference (program) Folder 1986
B02-F17 Plains Talk (newsletter) Folder 1957-1959
B02-F24 Shelterbelt Renovation - Pheasant Restoration Program (correspondence) Folder 1985